Saturday, 25 February 2017

Tumbling Dice Ju 52 - part 1

Tumbling Dice Ju 52 - undercarriage conversion & detailing

Tumbling Dice makes a Ju 52 transport plane, which is a nice little model.

As presented, it has the early landing wheel arrangement, where the main landing wheels are covered by "spats".  Once the Ju 52 was used in combat, it was found that the spats were very easily clogged by mud, etc.  So most Ju 52 planes in World War II had the spats removed.

The following series of pictures shows how I converted my Ju 52s.  I hope that it inspires you to have a go!

We start with the original casting (below) and a shinier one above that has been brushed with a suede shoe cleaning brush.  I do not own any suede products......

Ju 52 Conversion Tumbling Dice

Ju52 Conversion Tumbling Dice

1/600 Ju 52 Conversion

1/600 Ju 52 Conversion

1/600 Ju 52 Conversion

1/600 Ju 52 Conversion

1/600 Ju 52 Conversion

Ju 52, Tumbling Dice, Conversion

So, if you have got this far, you now have a Ju 52 with the most common version of the undercarriage.

Part 2 will detail the top half of the plane......

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Here is how I make Flames for putting on aircraft to show damage.

You will need "modelling" pipe cleaners, which come in various shapes & colours.  

Discard the ones you don't need (my nieces were really pleased with the cleaners I did not want) and keep the black and white ones that look like this:

Make them into a "hook" shape:

Paint each smoke plume at the "hook" end with red and yellow paint (Good old Humbrol Enamels.....)

Pipe cleaner Fire Flames Marker

Apply to your victim...!

B17 Bomber Plane Fire Flames 1/600 Tumbling Dice Marker

B17 Flames Fire Marker Tumbling Dice 1/600 Wargames
Bomber B17 Fire Flames Marker 1/600 Wargames

In this case, a 1/600 Tumbling Dice B-17 G 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017