Friday, 24 August 2018

Gallery 3

This was a further post from last year that never got finished - so here it is!

Jg 26 were one of two Jagd Geshwader tasked with defending the Reich against first the RAF (& Allies) and the the USAAF.  They sported a stylised eagle marking over the fuselage - here's my go at it.....

Port side view.  The yellow noses and tails were standard recognition 

Still alive

It has been a very busy year for me - an upgrade in responsibility at work has meant a lot less free time.

The good news is that we moved in April, two of my fellow warmers are just over 10 minutes walk away.

This has meant a lot of wargaming.  It has also meant a lot less (none, actually) blogging.  One ion my problems is that I forget to take photos.  Another issue is the sub-optimal nature of my phone camera.

Another plus is that my current residence has a garage, which we are keeping free of household clutter.  This has meant a get a dedicated area to spray troops - Hurrah!

I have also changed emphasis in the last year, in that my fellow gamers in Oxford do mainly land battles, mostly using the excellent BBB rules by Chris Pringle.

So, I've been concentrating on getting my French and Austrian Baccus Napoleonics figures "match fit".  See April 2017 This has meant learning about basing sand and static grass, amongst other things.

I therefore plan to make some posts about these, stay tuned.

The plane projects are on a back burner, but having our own place will mean that they get done.

Keep gaming & modelling!