Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tumbling Dice Ju 52 - part 2

Tumbling Dice Ju 52 - undercarriage conversion & detailing

The second part of this blog looks at some other small additions to enhance your fleet of Ju 52s, thus enabling them to strike more terror / die with greater gallantry, depending on who has air superiority.

If part 1 seems too much, you can just use the wheels as supplied and add the following:

Ju 52 Tante Exhaust Plane 1/600 Tumbling Dice Conversion Scratchbuild
Ju 52 - post 2 - starboard exhaust

Ju 52 Tante Plane 1/600 Tumbling Dice Conversion
Ju 52 - post 2 - port exhaust

Ju 52 Tante 1/600 Plane Conversion Dorsal Gunner
Ju 52 post 2 the dorsal gunner position

Ju 52 Tante 1/600 Plane Tumbling Dice Gunner MG
Ju 52 post 2 - gunner & MG

Ju 52 Tante 1/600 Tumbling Dice upgrade
Ju 52 post 2 - the end result!

So there you have it, a neat Ju52 ready to take to the skies.  Due to my nomadic nature, my planes have yet to be painted, but I hope to add pictures of the final results later.

Thanks for watching!


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