Sunday, 9 July 2017

Gallery - 2

Jg 1 sported a really neat chequered paint scheme in late 1943.  Here is my 1/600 take on it....

3 staffel, JG 1, highly visible!

With 1 Staffel following 

From the side.  TD planes, Dom's Decals + markings, Beacon transfers (1/285 scale) tiny checks.  


  1. What is your secret method for doing the chequers? They look great!

  2. I used 1/285 Chequers transfers from Beacon models, available in the US and at UK War-games shows. The JG1 planes had a band of chequers 4 wide that covered the nose, so these are pretty good.
    US planes tended to use smaller chequers, but I've not sourced anything so tiny & fiddly, so far.....