Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On the workbench - June 2017 part 2

Albatross D IV & V from Jasta 5.  These take longer to paint than the RFC, as they are nice and colourful....

RFC RE8 & DH4.  The Re8s have exhaust stains on the upper wing

Photo'd in Natural light, maybe I need to add lighting? 


  1. Yes, they are. I spent most of this last weekend painting 1 (one) Jasta 5 plane - creating a swirling diagonal stripe across the plane using black line transfers. I'll sort out a photo in the next picture session. The planes are not as dark as they seem in the pictures, I need to improve the lighting!

  2. Now all I need is a set of WW1 rules - I think that CY6 was going that way at one point.....